Ghost of a Threat


Life used to be simple: work during the week, ghost hunting on the weekends. I was always better with ghosts than guys, anyway.

But life gets a lot more complicated when a violent haunting threatens our paranormal investigation team and a sexy stranger who claims to be a demon is the only one who can help.

When someone breaks into my apartment and leaves a warning, I begin to realize that sometimes, the living are a lot more terrifying than ghosts. The problem is, I have no idea if the warning is about the demon Maxwell or a ghost we’re trying to help.

Then someone tries to kill me, and I don’t know if I’m the target of a demon hunter or something worse…

GHOST OF A THREAT, the first novel in the complete Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter series by paranormal romance author Beth Dolgner. Look for ETERNAL REST BED & BREAKFAST, a brand new cozy paranormal mystery series by Dolgner set in Betty’s world.

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Sam MacIntosh’s eyes snapped open, the dark interior of his bedroom coming into sharp focus. He wasn’t sure what had awakened him as he lay there on his side, gazing at the closet door. He could hear the distant rumble of a freight train churning by on the tracks a mile from his house, and over that noise the soft, regular breathing of his wife sleeping beside him. 


Sam’s heart caught in his throat. Melanie had left him two years ago, and Sam hadn’t shared his bed with anyone else since the divorce. He held his own breath, straining to hear. Still, the sound came from the other half of the bed behind his back. For a minute, he wondered wildly if he’d gotten drunk and brought someone home from the bar, but he knew he was alone in the house. 

Clutching the covers in a terrified grip, Sam sat up abruptly and turned to face the other side of the bed. The newspaper was still lying on top of the quilt where he’d tossed it aside after giving up on the crossword puzzle and going to sleep, but there was no one in the bed. The sound of breathing had stopped, too.

Sam exhaled the breath he’d been holding, feeling both silly and glad that no one had witnessed his moment of panic. He’d have to lay off the beer if it was going to make him hear things. As he settled back down in bed, another noise began, but this time it was a low, ominous creaking sound. The closet door was slowly opening. 

Sam couldn’t see the door, his eyes staring up at the ceiling fan, his entire body suddenly frozen in fear. He recognized the sound, though. Melanie used to complain all the time about that squeaky closet door.

Then the footsteps began. They started at the closet and approached the bed, heavy and deliberate, but agonizingly slow.

Sam MacIntosh sat up and screamed.


Beth Dolgner

Beth Dolgner is a freelance writer and editor whose work encompasses everything from motorcycles to ghost stories. She is a devoted Boba Fett fan and a member of the 501st Legion.

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