A bit about Beth

Beth Dolgner is an author, editor and writer. Over the past decade, Beth has written everything from motorcycle reviews to ghost stories through her work in journalism, public relations and marketing. Beth is also the author of Georgia Spirits and Specters, a collection of Georgia ghost stories; Everyday Voodoo; and the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series.

Beth has worked with the world’s top sports car racing series and teams, and she is closely involved in the motorcycle industry. In addition, Beth has collaborated with many local companies, including real estate agencies, restaurants and media outlets.

Beth’s writing services include the following:

Press releases
Press kits
Feature articles
Sales and marketing materials

Website text
Ghost writing

If you don’t see your writing needs listed above, please contact Beth so she can tailor a proposal to meet your requirements.

432 Abercorn Street

Of all the ghost stories in Savannah, Georgia, the haunted house at 432 Abercorn Street is one of the most recent stories to gain popularity. Read about the history of 432 Abercorn and the legends surrounding this haunted house.

Shared Experiences at 432 Abercorn

Learn about others’ experiences at 432 Abercorn, and submit your own photos and stories.

Stories from the 501st

As a proud member of the Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion Beth has attended many of their events. Read more about the 501st

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