Murder at the Motel

Fear, Flooding, and Family in Nightmare, Arizona.

Murder hits close to home for Olivia Kendrick when her annoying neighbor at Cowboy’s Corral Motor Lodge turns up dead. Did one of the other guests hold a grudge against Leonard Evers?

Even while she’s eyeing a few shady suspects, Olivia can’t help but blame herself. Maybe she really is a conjuror, and maybe she accidentally killed her downstairs neighbor with magic.

With the help of her supernatural friends at Nightmare Sanctuary Haunted House, Olivia will spy on a plumber, get an eerie prediction from a psychic, and face veiled threats.

At the same time, Olivia’s jerk boss, Damien Shackleford, learns a secret that will change the way he thinks of his family forever. Olivia must help Damien deal with the life-altering news, even while she tries to find the killer…

MURDER AT THE MOTEL, the fourth novel in the Nightmare, Arizona paranormal cozy mystery series by bestselling author Beth Dolgner. This lighthearted series is about starting over, found family, and solving murders in a quirky old mining town with a secret supernatural community.

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