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Getting in the Spirit at the Roswell Ghost Tour

Coco tries a ghost's favorite rocking chair at Bulloch Hall.

With two haunted houses already checked off of our October to-do list, it only seemed fitting that my friend Coco and I should go on a ghost tour. We teamed up with two of Coco’s friends to attend the Roswell Ghost Tour last night.

I’ve wanted to attend the tour for several years now. I interviewed tour co-owner Dianna Avena for my book, “Georgia Spirits and Specters,” and she provided wonderfully detailed stories. I was anxious for the full experience!

The tour didn’t disappoint. The chilly air and clear night sky set the perfect tone for the tour, which ranges from Bulloch Hall at one end of Roswell’s historic square down to the founder’s cemetery on the other. We covered a lot of ground, heard a lot of well-researched stories and had a great guide in Pam.

The perks: On some ghost tours, you get the sense that a few facts have been greatly embellished in the name of telling a good story. Not so on this tour. A wealth of historic facts are combined with eye-witness accounts of hauntings for one believable story after another. Also, the tour was a great way to get acquainted with Roswell’s history.

The downside: Honestly, the only downside I found was that the three-hour tour had no bathroom breaks. Luckily I had that in mind during our pre-tour dinner!

The verdict: Roswell Ghost Tours is one of the best ghost tours I’ve been on, and believe me when I say that I’ve been on a lot, all over the world.

The details: Roswell Ghost Tour is online and you can use their reservation form to sign up for the tour of your choice. Tours are year-round and are held every day in October. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $10 for kids. Plan to bring cash since credit cards are not accepted. Tips are a welcome way of showing your guide your appreciation. Wear comfortable shoes because the tour covers a lot of ground and you’ll be on your feet for a long time.

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