My heroine is…a female British rapper?

The heroine in my Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series is named Betty Boorman, but she earned the nickname “Boo” during college. Imagine my surprise when I saw a record by the artist Betty Boo! I was in a secondhand books and music store in Tuscson, Arizona, when the cover of a record practially jumped off the shelves at me. It was Betty Boo’s single, “Doin’ the Do.”

You can see why the cover art caught my eye!

I had to buy it, and it was a bargain at $1.00. I had no idea what to expect of my heroine’s alter ego, so a YouTube search was in order. The song was…well, why don’t you just take a look for yourself? Click here: Betty Boo, “Doin’ the Do”

And don’t forget, Ghost of a Threat is just $.99 for Kindle, Nook and iPad! Soundtrack not included!

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