Haunted Hot Dog Heaven

"Georgia Spirits and Specters"The following is from my book “Georgia Spirits and Specters.” Listen to the fantastic EVP that Historic Ghost Watch captured!

Hot Dog Heaven is an eatery housed in an unassuming little building in Woodstock, a busy small town off Interstate 575 about an hour north of Atlanta. The Main Street building is on the site of the city’s former post office, and the former postmaster is still keeping an eye on things.

The original building is long gone, and the early 1900s structure that is on that lot now has housed a number of businesses, including a tea room, before anyone started serving up hot dogs there. The staff invited Historic Ghost Watch to investigate after a number of unexplainable occurrences, including odd noises and doors that seemed to open of their own accord.

Over the years, the staff at Hot Dog Heaven decided that the resident ghost is that of a former postmaster. The reasoning behind this has to do with the ghost’s upkeep of the restaurant. The post office had a rule that no signs could be posted in the front window. Today, any flyers posted in the window are likely to be taken down overnight by unseen hands.

When Historic Ghost Watch held their investigation, the most definitive piece of evidence is an EVP that surprised everyone because of its clarity. Unlike many EVPs, in which the disembodied voices are difficult to hear and their words even harder to interpret, this one is loud and clear. A male with a strong Southern accent is heard saying, “Yes, ma’am!”

The voice is so clear that Historic Ghost Watch Director Kevin Fike says it’s one of the best EVPs he’s ever heard. If you want to hear the former postmaster for yourself, you can listen to the recording online at www.historicghost.com. If you’d rather go chow down on a hot dog and hope to hear the agreeable postmaster for yourself, you can stop by Hot Dog Heaven at 8558 Main Street in downtown Woodstock.

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