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Eric Boulton and Capt. Kirk for a Dreary Monday

It’s gloomy and rainy here in Atlanta, and all I really want to do is brew a hot cup of tea and finish reading “The Hobbit.” However, one of my race teams might object since I have a press release to finish writing for them. In an effort to get out of my afternoon slump, I present two of my favorite YouTube videos. Both make me laugh every time I watch them, and might do the trick for getting me energized to write.

The first shows Atlanta Thrasher Eric Boulton, who tries to slide down the bench and misses by a few inches. The funniest part is the reaction from him and teammate Chris Thorburn. At least Boults can laugh at himself!


This next one is an interview William Shatner gave for Star Trek, only remixed and set to music. It is absolute genius. I first saw it at DragonCon, and it kept popping up all weekend like some sort of Sci-Fi Rickrolling. I finally downloaded the song to my iPod because it’s a great pick-me-up. I’ll warn you, the song WILL get stuck in your head. It played over and over in my head for two weeks after DragonCon. Considering I danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for four hours at DCon, that’s a pretty impressive feat!


Now let’s get back to work, and don’t blame me if you find yourself asking, “Why is he climbing a mountain?”

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