Betty Boo Fans: Recognize this Alley?

One of the nice things about plunking your fictional characters down in a real setting is the ability to see where scenes from the books occur. If you’ve read Ghost of a Threat, then you know that Betty and Maxwell ran into a little bit of trouble after going on a ghost tour. When my husband and I went to Savannah to visit my mom for Christmas, I got a picture of the alley across the street from The Lucas Theatre:

          My feet were frozen in place, and Maxwell squeezed my hand reassuringly. “It’s okay, Betty, come on,” he said, though his voice had a twinge of worry. My first thought was that we were being mugged, but I always thought those guys just grabbed your valuables and ran. Instead, we were being led somewhere. My heart caught in my throat when I realized that this man must be a demon hunter, maybe even the same one who had broken into my apartment twice and called to warn me about Maxwell. I hadn’t listened to him, and now I was going to face the same fate that was in store for Maxwell.

            I stepped into the alley with him, and it felt like a curtain had been lowered behind us as we sank into the darkness of the narrow space.

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