Happy Halloween!

I portrayed Molly Neal at Oakland Cemetery. Molly lost six children before dying of a broken heart in 1894.

Happy Halloween! I must say, this has been one of the best Halloween seasons yet for me. Here’s a quick recap of my October:

  • My friend Coco and I really got into the haunts this year, visiting Netherworld, Chambers of Horror and Horror Hill.
  • The Little 5 Points Halloween parade is not to be missed, and we had a great time with great friends while there. We got to play the “Who’s in costume, and who just dresses that way?” game.
  • I got to experience two ghost tours: the Roswell Ghost Tour and the Norcross Ghost Tour.
  • My two nights at the Oakland Cemetery Halloween Tours were wonderful, and all of my tour groups were a delight. It rained on us Friday, but even that couldn’t dampen our spirits. (Oh, that was a terrible pun.)
  • My paranormal romance, Ghost of a Threat, debuted just in time for Halloween. How appropriate!

What did you do to celebrate Halloween this year? Whether you are heading out to collect candy tonight, or staying home to watch a horror flick, I hope your night is filled with plenty of treats!

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