Snowpocalypse 2, Electric Boogaloo

Atlanta usually gets one snow a year, during which time there is a run on grocery stores for bread and milk, school is canceled and everyone hides inside. It doesn’t matter if it’s two inches of snow or two snowflakes, the city goes into shutdown mode. We had our annual snow in January, a light covering that lingered for a week.

And then today it started snowing again. Judging by the accumulation on the grill out back, I’d guess we have gotten about four inches. It’s the most snow I’ve seen in the downtown area since I moved here. Here are a few pictures of Snowpocalypse 2, Electric Boogaloo (as opposed to the cheesy 1980s break-dancing movie, Breakin’ 2, Electric Boogaloo):

Blinky in the snow. Yes, our house is named Blinky.

Our punk rock snowman has a snowhawk.

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  1. Jeff Planthold says:

    You touched on something I’ve always wondered about. Growing up in the Midwest, and definitely no stranger to snow in any amount, the way that Southerners approach an impending storm/natural disaster intrigues me. The whole, “Gotta get to the store, and get bread, milk, and eggs!”, thing.
    I guess the idea is that if you’re “snowed in”, and the kids are kept home from school, that somehow making French Toast is the key to your survival?
    I guess I’m just a Yankee, and I wouldn’t understand… LOL

  2. I get stocking up on food, but you’d think people would pick things that don’t have such a short shelf life. I grew up in Florida, and we always had canned goods around for hurricane season. Stuff that would keep a long time, and tasted okay cold in case the power went out. Bread and milk wouldn’t get you very far in an extended emergency.

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