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New Release Alert!  ETERNAL REST BED AND BREAKFAST BOOKS 1-7 BOX SET – Just $1.99 Feb 15th – 19th Only!

You’ll Sleep Like the Dead at Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast.

Check in for your stay at Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast with this paranormal cozy mystery box set featuring books 1-7! Eternal Rest welcomes both guests and ghosts, and it has a great view of the historic cemetery next door.

One part Murder, She Wrote and one part Ghost Whisperer, this lighthearted series will transport you to the small town of Oak Hill, Georgia, where you’ll find sweet tea, biscuits, and murder. Emily Buchanan, the owner of Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast, teams up with her psychic best friend, Sage, to solve each case in the seven-book series. Of course, the ghosts they encounter are eager to help, too!

Along the way, Emily will also keep searching for answers about the mysterious car crash that left her widowed and alone. She’s convinced Scott’s ghost must be nearby, but why hasn’t he made contact?

Book 1: Sweet Dreams
There’s a body in the cemetery that shouldn’t be there, and a new ghost at Eternal Rest won’t leave Emily’s handsome new assistant alone.

Book 2: Late Checkout
Jaxon Knight-MacGinn is the biggest jerk to ever check into Eternal Rest, but his stay is cut short when he’s found dead at an abandoned hotel. Too bad his ghost is still haunting Emily.

Book 3: Picture Perfect
The Oak Hill Arts Festival takes a sinister turn when one of the artists is killed in his booth. Emily suspects one of her guests might have gotten artistic with murder.

Book 4: Scenic Views
Emily realizes she bought more than a mirror when she finds herself face-to-face with a ghost trapped inside it. Can she help the spectral resident find peace?

Book 5: Breakfast Included
Emily’s dear friend Trish is a suspect after her biscuits kill a local food critic. Either Trish is being framed, or she didn’t like the bad review of her bakery.

Book 6: Groups Welcome
A coven of witches arrives, bringing along a huge surprise for Emily. When one of the witches turns up dead, Emily has a houseful of suspects, and every one of them is pointing their wand at someone else.

Book 7: Quiet Nights
A celebrity psychic and her entourage arrive at Eternal Rest, and Emily learns just how deadly their petty drama really is. Even while solving a murder, Emily finally gets all the answers about Scott’s death.

Each book in the Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast series is as standalone murder mystery. This seven-book series is about hope, determination, and friendship… and solving murders with the help of ghosts in a small town in North Georgia.

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February 15-19, 2023

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When weekend guests check in at Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast, paranormal activity begins to escalate. Is there another ghost haunting the Victorian home? Emily Buchanan doesn’t mind having yet another ghost as a permanent guest, but she is eager to find out who it is and what they want.

Emily’s best friend, Sage Clark, hosts a séance to contact the new ghost. Emily hopes it is her late husband, returning to Eternal Rest to watch over her. But the truth is even more unexpected…

Quality Service is a short story set six months before the beginning of Sweet Dreams, the first book in the Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast paranormal cozy mystery series. In the small town of Oak Hill, Georgia, Emily and Sage team up with ghosts to solve murders in this lighthearted series about love, friendship and living… even if it’s living with the dead.

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