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Read an Excerpt from Ghost of a Whisper

To celebrate the debut of Ghost of a Whisper: Book 2 of the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter Series, I thought I’d share an excerpt from the book. In this scene, Betty and her demon boyfriend Maxwell are leaving a Halloween party at Fort Pulaski, a Civil War-era fort outside Savannah. Ghost of a Whisper is available for the Kindle, Nook and iPad/iPhone. Enjoy!

The wind calmed momentarily, and then I felt a sudden, sharp breeze across my face. Something dark shot past my line of vision at the same time I felt Maxwell’s entire body tense. He released my hand and shoved me in the direction of the parking lot.

“Run, Betty!”

I didn’t know what was happening. I stumbled a few steps away before turning to look back. Maxwell was facing the edge of the marsh off to his right. There, fifty yards away, a man stepped out of the shadows. His broad frame was covered by a long coat, and he had a bow in one hand. His other hand reached over his head to pluck another arrow from his quiver.

A demon hunter.

He ran swiftly despite his size and began to close the gap between himself and Maxwell.

“No!” I shouted. I should have stayed quiet, but the sound escaped my lips before I could react.

The hunter’s gaze flicked briefly from Maxwell to me.

“She’s not the one you want,” Maxwell’s voice was loud, but I could hear the fear in it. “She’s innocent.”

Maxwell turned and ran across the grass toward the river. I knew he was trying to draw the hunter away from me. I also knew that I should run, just like he’d told me to.

Instead, I stood, too shocked to move, as the hunter sprinted after Maxwell.

Whether by chance or some demonic ability, Maxwell quickly outpaced the hunter. The hunter finally stopped running, but he didn’t give up. He dropped to one knee and fitted his arrow to his bowstring.

I lunged forward, shouting incoherently and praying I could reach the hunter in time. But over the sound of my shouts and my feet scrunching through the grass, I heard a soft “thwap.” The arrow rocketed out of the bow and sailed for Maxwell. I watched, horrified, as Maxwell’s body crumpled, disappearing over a small rise in the ground.

I ran right past the hunter without stopping. I had no regard for him or for my safety. My thoughts were focused on nothing but Maxwell.

When I crested the rise, I saw Maxwell’s clothes lying in a heap on the ground. The arrow had pierced his vest. Maxwell’s body was gone.

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