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Whitney G. on 432 Abercorn

Just like sitting next to a cranky co-worker can rub off and make you cranky, too, it’s possible for the energy of a place to have an effect on your mood and general sense of well-being. Whitney G. just returned from vacation in Savannah, and she shared this interesting account of her two encounters with the house at 432 Abercorn:

My husband and I took the walking tour at 9:30 p.m. on May 20, 2012. We went to all the houses/hospital etc. and I was taking pictures of everything. However, prior to our crossing the street to 432 Abercorn, my chest grew very tight and heavy. I gave the camera to my husband and told him I did not want to take anymore pictures. He seemed just as puzzled as I was and I just could not explain why I did not want to take anymore pictures. We crossed the Square and just as I stopped I glanced into the bottom window of the house and my husband went on to the edge to listen to the guide. I stood there and watched 4 dark images moving in the window. I know that sounds crazy but I saw what I saw. I walked up to my husband and told him to look at what I was seeing. I was telling him the guide was having someone pretend in the house. My husband laughed and went on listening to the tour guide. I stood there as my chest began to pound and get tighter, I immediately dropped my head and began to pray like I would not see tomorrow. I told God that I knew what I was seeing couldn’t be real, that I belonged to Him and that I loved Him and no evil would enter my path tonight. I continued to pray until my husband came over and touched my arm and said the tour was over and we could go on back to the Motel (Holiday Express on Abercorn). I told him I was not feeling well and just wanted to go… He said let’s not go back to Clary’s since we knew the way back let’s just go.

We head on to the motel and after about 5 minutes I noticed that things did not look the same as they had when we came up to Clary’s. The street names did not seem familiar and we saw places that were not in the path before. The streets were dirty and strangely dark. I became upset and told him we were lost. He got out the little map the trolley tour had given us the day before and we could not find the street we were on, I grabbed his phone and tried to do the GPS on it and could not get it to carrier reception. We were both upset and I was really freaking out. Then all of a sudden two girls walked up (from nowhere) and I asked them how did we get back to the River Drive end where Holiday Express was. They both said we were in the wrong area and it was a bad part of town and that we needed to head the opposite way.

Needless to say I ran and my husband who is so much fitter than me had a hard time keeping up with me. Familiarity set in as we approached our motel and I was glad to get to the room. My husband wanted to talk about the tour but I said no I wanted to go to sleep and forget about it.

The next morning, we had breakfast and we talked about what the tour guide had told about the last house, most of which I missed because of what I was experiencing myself. We realized that my husband though I told him to go one way and I swear I thought he told me to go the way we were going – if there was an evil entity in that last house, he apparently put it in our minds to go the wrong way and get lost and perhaps something bad would have happened to us if the girls had not come up.

Well being who I am I was not going to let this house get the best of me. I was determined to go back and face this house. I brought my camera as well to take a picture of it.

We got to the house and I took many pictures of the house the window and the bricks that were laying along the sidewalk that the boy who disappeared had kicked out of place. We immediately noticed that the window I saw the dark figures in had shutters in the window (how weird was that). However, I took my pictures and we went on with the day. However, right after that my husband and I did have an argument publicly which is something we never do.

I told everyone at home about my experience and they wanted to see the picture of the house that was so evil, and after praying about showing people the house, I showed people the pictures in my camera, and to my surprise there is not a picture at all of the house at 432 Abercorn. None of the pictures I took of the house at 432 Abercorn are on my camera anywhere. The ones before and after are but not of that house.

While people may think I am crazy – they can think what they want, I know what I saw and I know how whatever is there turn us around and get lost, later have a public argument and then all the pictures I took of that place are not anywhere to be found.

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