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Sherri Hunter on 432 Abercorn

The mysterious “ghost of a little girl” continues to appear in photos of the house at 432 Abercorn Street in Savannah! Since it’s the same face, and almost always in the same window pane (lower right pane of the middle right window), could it be an anomaly of the inner architecture that makes it look like a face? Could it be warping and shadows on the glass?

Or does the ghost like peering out at the tourists who come by, hoping for a glimpse of her?

The latest photo comes from Sherri Hunter, who writes:

“I wanted to share with you a picture that I took during one of the Blue Orb tours on December 30th 2010 at the house on 432 Abercorn in Savannah. Check out the right window bottom right pane. Looks to me like a little girl. I took a lot of pictures that night same angle, same window and she showed up in this one picture. Very interesting! I was doing some research on the history of this house and your website came up so I thought I would share with you.”

432 Abercorn
The lower right pane of the top right window shows a face...or does it?

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