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Paranormal Picture or Not?

Paranormal investigators, I need your input on this photo! During our Girls’ Weekend in Savannah, my friend Elyse snapped a ton of pictures. She took a lot of the house at 432 Abercorn Street. I talk about that house in my book, and it’s probably the most unnerving ghost story in the whole collection. 086_Small

The photos all turned out blurry: it was near twilight, and Elyse’s camera doesn’t like low light levels! However, out of all the photos she took of this house, this is the only one that had any sort of anomaly. The close up shows the front porch, and you can see two reddish-pink streaks of light, aligned vertically, on the front porch.

If you have any suggestions as to what this could be-paranormal or otherwise-please comment here. Is this paranormal, or is there another explanation for the anomaly? Thank you!


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  1. Avatar

    Interesting. Was she outside when she took the photo or was it taken through a window that might have caused a reflection?

  2. Beth Dolgner

    She was outside, but in a slow-moving car. Someone suggested the slight movement caused the anomaly.

  3. Avatar
    Jeff Planthold says:

    Those are very curious! However, because they are almost identical in shape and size, I would have to think this was a trick of either light, reflection, or both.
    It does make for a good picture, though! LOL

  4. Avatar

    Do you not see the shadow person on the middle balcony? Is it a trick of light or am I the only one seeing it? I was at that house last weekend and the pictures I took blew me away! There is the face of what looks to be a young girl in one. Another is a shadow person in the downstairs window with glowing orange eyes that look so evil and menacing. And the worst one was a pic of me in front of the downstairs window and a bloody face in the window behind me looking at me. You can tell its not a reflection or anything because it’s in my shadow behind me standing in the window. Crazy! And the experiences we had there! Email me and I’ll tell you about them if you are interested. I’m a paranormal romance author and go to haunted locations all the time but never have I ever seen a house so active!

  5. Avatar

    I just paid a visit to Savannah, went past this house and it’s definitely interesting. But… based on your description of this picture being taken at twilight, at the camera not handling low light pictures very well, it makes me feel these red streaks are light from the sunset being reflected and captured by a camera set to a low shutter speed. Plus, the streaks are almost identical which certainly lends itself to a reflection more than anything else.

  6. Beth Dolgner

    A definite possibility! Thanks for the insight!

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