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Paranormal Investigator Profile: Michele Lowe

The lovely Michele Lowe!

Welcome to the first installment of Paranormal Investigator Profile! I will be posting a new profile each Tuesday. Today, to kick things off, I’m featuring Michele Lowe with Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations. Enjoy!

Where do you live?
I’ve lived in Marietta, Georgia for 17 years now and before was from Southern California.

To what investigation teams do you belong?
I am with RGPI or Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations and also do some work with Ghosts of Georgia.

What made you want to be a paranormal investigator?
I’ve had a life long interest in the paranormal and also have psychic abilities that have come down from generations in my family. So I’ve always had a belief in the paranormal and things we cannot always readily explain, a knowing that they’re there, if you will. Now from doing this for many years for myself, I’m now finding myself on a path of really being able to help others experiencing what they cannot explain or understand and that frightens them.

An "ecto funnel" at Hell's Church.

When was your first investigation, and what was it like?
It was at a very haunted cemetery in North Metro Georgia, called Hell’s Church. It was not a let down, that’s for sure. We heard footsteps walking right next to us and no one else was there. We got photographic evidence of an apparition and I caught a funnel of mist coming up out of a grave and at that same moment we captured a EVP of a woman saying “Bobby Jo is no good.” Which was interesting since we were thanking the person who was buried there for letting sit on their marble bench while we conducted the EVP session. To add to that, in the picture with the ecto funnel coming out of the ground, you can see the marble bench and the name engraved on it is Bobby J.! There was also an EVP captured while we were going into the back area of the church there which said “Turn around, don’t go.” Later when we returned with the group at the end of the night, my friend Laurie, who captured the first EVP, captured a second in the same area and it was the same man’s voice, this time it said “I warned you.”

What is your most memorable investigation so far?
That would be hard, I had some really good ones. Unfortunately the most memorable one I cannot talk about due to confidentiality per the client. But an extremely close second would be one of the times we investigated Moon River Brewery in Savannah Georgia. On that night two of the guys saw a full bodied apparition while still setting up cameras before the investigation. Me and my friend started out in the basement doing base readings before the investigation and while down there we saw a shadow figure move across the room and hide behind a barrel, at first we thought is was a real person, either from our team or a employee, but there was no one there. We then got a very foreboding feeling and it was shortly after this we heard a knock on a door that was down there. At this point we were a bit freaked out and went and got Ed Laughlin and had him join us for the rest of the base readings. We went back downstairs and checked the door where the knocking had come from, upon checking the door we found it locked from the inside and on top of that when we got it opened it was a full storage closet! Myself and two others witnessed a apparition trying to manifest not even a foot in front of us. Also that night I walked into a hot spot, unlike like a cold spot. We were doing an EVP session and I picked up the word sheriff and started directing my questions towards that, it was during those questions that my friends cell sensor went off and I turned in the direction of the movement and right into what was a invisible hot figure, that is the only way I can explain it. When we had entered the room it was 74 degrees and when I turned, without really moving, just a turn, I touched the figure! I said “oooh, it’s hot” and my friend show her thermometer towards that area and it was 85 degrees, 11 degrees higher than our base temperature. And it was in the shape of a person, I believe it was trying to intimidate me, because it was only an inch away from me and didn’t now move when I walked into it. And that was not all, at that point we were on the second floor, we then moved down to the basement and were doing vigil and were sitting in a circle, except for my friend Ed who was standing in one of the thick arch doorways. It was while I was sitting there that I saw a solid, pitch black shadow figure walk right behind him! When it did I knew it wanted me to see him. Just the look on my face alone had Ed, who is 6 feet tall, move very quickly out of that doorway! I still wonder if it was the same person that I encountered upstairs not much earlier.

What is your favorite method of investigating (i.e. EVP sessions, dowsing rods, etc.)?
I’ve been very lucky in capturing EVP, but I really love the photo evidence and have been pretty lucky there too! Since getting a full spectrum camera I’ve been getting even more evidence than before.

Who do you look up to in the paranormal community?
I really like John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley. They have both worked in the paranormal for many years and have so much to offer as far as knowledge and experience.

Investigating at the infamous Waverly Hills Sanitarium.

What is your advice to people who want to get involved in paranormal investigation?
They should ask themselves why they are doing it and what do they want to get out of it. For those who really want to learn and help others, then I would say start with minimal equipment, just the basics, like a audio recorder, flashlight, camera…. Be respectful to those you are investigating for and remember that you get to go home at the end of the night, those who are scared and need your help have to stay and live with whatever you may stir up while trying to get your proof.. So you have to be careful and open minded and balanced in what you run into, paranormal or not. Not every case is paranormal and there can be some many dynamics in a case, are you willing to follow through???

What do you do outside of investigating (family, hobbies, job, etc.)?
I’m a certified medical assistant and my duties at my job now are x-ray technician and I do the lab work on patients as well and give them their chemo injections. I also love to draw and work with different types of art!! I also write and have written 2 screenplays, and an unpublished book of my psychic adventures since I was a child and I’m also working on a fiction book, and another one too, though geared to teens.

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