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Melissa Barnes on 432 Abercorn

Melissa wrote to me recently with a very intriguing picture! I can see what appears to be a face, complete with eyes, nose and a mustache. Check out the original picture and some zoomed-in cropped versions below and leave a comment on your thoughts. Is it Wilson’s ghost? Have you ever seen a male ghost at 432 Abercorn?

Melissa says:

I took the Sixth Sense Tour during my visit to Savannah in August 2012, just two weeks ago. The night my boyfriend and I took the tour, we forgot the camera; so, the next night, we walked to the places our guide had taken us. One of those places happened to be this house, which we found to exude an energy of its own. The attached picture was taken that night and is of the upper middle window. In your article, you mentioned that the General has never been photographed but if I had to guess who the “man” in this picture is, I would say it is General Wilson. Has anyone else seen this figure?

A close-up of the anomaly. Click to see a larger picture.
The face is circled for easy spotting. Click the picture to see a larger version.
The original picture with the anomaly. Click the picture to see a larger version.

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