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Katie G. on 432 Abercorn

I got this interesting email from college student Katie G. She is the second person in two weeks who has contacted me about dreams of the house at 432 Abercorn Street in Savannah. If anyone else has shared something similar, please email me and let me know!

Katie G. writes:

“My mother had sent me a link to your webpage. I saw where you were looking for experiences for this. I had been on a tour when I went to Savannah while I was touring SCAD. I was attracted to this house for some reason. I have gone back numerous times and I always have to go back to this house. A lot of times when I take pictures my camera sparks and smoke comes up from it. On one trip my camera stopped working after taking pictures of this house until I left Savannah.

On one particular trip, I did get a photo of a little girl looking out of the window. I am currently looking for the photo so I can send it to you. But it was the night of the day I got the photo and I had the weirdest experience. I went to bed and had a dream I was in the house by myself.

I was afraid in the house and I was trapped and trying to find a way out. I ended up in the basement and I was going through some of the stuff in the basement trying to see if there was anything to help me out. I heard a little girls voice in my dream and found her standing behind me. She kept telling me everything it’s alright, everything was going to be ok. I then heard angry stomping and heart breathing from upstairs. It grew louder and louder and the little girl still kept telling me everything is going to be ok and then she reached out and grabbed my arm.

It was here I woke up immediately in a panic attack. I was sweating and couldn’t breathe, also where the girl had grabbed my arm was freezing cold. I was shaken up I could not go back to sleep.”

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  1. Avatar

    That’s so interesting! Thanks Beth and Katie for sharing! My sister in law had weird dreams the night we went on a ghost tour and went by 432 Abercorn. She was sharing a room with her mother and her mother woke up in the middle of the night and saw a black shadow of a person leaning over my sister in law in the middle of the night. She turned the light on and the shadow person was gone immediately. Needless to say my mother in law didn’t get anymore sleep that night.

    My camera was sparking too and making popping sounds when I would take pictures in the foyer by sticking my camera thru the mail slot. That place gets under your skin and in your head and is hard to get out. A very dangerous place. Very dangerous. I can’t wait to go back!

  2. Beth Dolgner

    Terri, thanks for sharing! I knew about your camera, but not your family’s experience in the hotel! What hotel were you in?

  3. Avatar
    Wanda W says:

    Hi I want to share my experience that I had at the house as well. Me and my friend went on a ghost tour where we stopped at the house as part of the tour. I had a perfectly good working camera when I arrived in Savannah as well til I started taking pictures of the house. I was going to walk up to the door and try to take pics of the inside of the house through the mail slot but I saw a shadow pass by the door and needless to say I high stepped it right back down them stairs. Everyone was wearing a jacket that night because of the winds but I went from being very cold to burning up. I did catch the face of the little girl on my camera but right then, my camera started acting up wouldnt stay on for nothing. the camera wasnt that old but now I am going to have to get a replacement due to the fact it still malfunctions when I try to use it.

  4. Beth Dolgner

    Thanks for sharing, Wanda! The malfunctioning cameras seem to be a common problem. That’s too bad that it’s still acting up!

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