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Paranormal Investigator Profile: David Howington

David Howington, Co-Founder of Rock-n-Roll Paranormal.

David Howington is the co-founder of Rock-n-Roll Paranormal, and he is today’s featured paranormal investigator. The RnRP website is a good resource for aspiring investigators and includes tips and advice. The team is also active in Atlanta-area charity work, so check their website to see how you can get involved in helping local organizations.

Where do you live?
Loganville, GA.

To what investigation teams do you belong?
RnRP – Rock-n-Roll Paranormal.

What made you want to be a paranormal investigator?
For me, it was definitely personal experiences from when I was younger. I like answers and not having them for what was happening and had happened, drove me nuts. So, I started reading and when I got older and could comprehend it more, started the research part. All the rest was just finding people to help get it started.

When was your first investigation, and what was it like?
We really have two firsts, one was a funeral home. They were having some odd things happen. That was a good test of the new equipment.

The real first as a proper group was a vacant apartment. The story was a teen had committed suicide after his girlfriend broke up with him. It was creepy, definitely got answers in tune with how a teen would answer, caught footsteps, and breathing on the recorders.

We were able to debunk some things, we found a fear cage in the middle of the living room, but were able to confirm that there is something there.

What is your most memorable investigation so far?
For me, it might have been the second time we went to the apartment. We found that there were actually two entities there. The evidence collected that night by far has been some of the best. Multiple times we captured voices and got video of a question and answer session with the EMF meters that is quite chilling.

What's that in the window at Stately Oaks?

Our investigation of Stately Oaks wasn’t the most eventful, but review of photos afterward provides us with one of the creepiest pictures I have ever seen.

What is your dream investigation?
There are a lot of places I want to go. I would love to go to the Winchester House, the Myrtles Plantation, The LaLaurie House, old infirmaries/hospitals, anywhere really.

My dream would be to go places that have been the site of sheer terror, probably due to a few things that I experienced as a kid.

What is your favorite method of investigating (i.e. EVP sessions, dowsing rods, etc.)?
I tend to like using EMF meters and EVP recorders for each sessions. That way, we can try to communicate with the EMF’s and maybe catch a vocal response or sounds.

Who do you look up to in the paranormal community?
You really have to give the TAPS guys a lot of credit. They have really brought a credibility factor to paranormal investigations and people aren’t afraid of looking crazy when asking for help regarding possible activity.

They weren’t the first but you can’t deny their positive impact on being able to get investigations but also the increase of the new technology and equipment.

David does an equipment sweep during an investigation.

What is your advice to people who want to get involved in paranormal investigation?
I always say, just go do it. You don’t need a van full of gadgets. Start small and build if you decide it is something you want to do.

You can watch all the shows you want but you really have to find your own way and what works best for you.

Just remember, not everything weird is paranormal. Discount all you can before putting “evidence” on display.

What do you do outside of investigating (family, hobbies, job, etc.)?
Outside of the RnRP and the day job, I am a court reporting student which keeps me fairly busy. I watch a lot of hockey and soccer, spending time with my girlfriend and friends, and reading when I can.

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