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Paranormal Investigator Profile: Dan Bernstein

Dan, far right, and members of Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations.

Today’s featured paranormal investigator is Dan Bernstein with Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations. Dan is full of great advice for people who are new to investigating or looking to get started. Thanks to Dan for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us!

Where do you live?
Cumming, GA

To what investigation teams do you belong?
Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations. We are the TAPS Family team serving the Atlanta area and all over N. Georgia.

What made you want to be a paranormal investigator?
I had an experience around 2000 where I unintentionally captured an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon – capturing a disembodied voice on a recording not heard audibly at the time of the recording, only on playback). This was before I knew was an EVP was, and my search for answers started me down the path that led me to paranormal research. It is interesting how my drive changed from a search for answers for myself, into that of helping people as a primary goal.

When was your first investigation, and what was it like?
I suppose that would be the time I captured my first EVP. We were in a location in Virginia known for “Ghost Lights.”  A group of us traveled to the remote area where we found mosquitoes more than anything else, but we eventually did see unexplained lights that to this day I cannot fully explain.

What is your most memorable investigation so far?
I would break this down into two different answers. From a “for fun” perspective, before I joined RGPI, I got a chance to attend an event they hosted, which was an investigation of the Titanic exhibit at the GA Aquarium. This was an amazing experience as there were so many people there, yet everything was so well organized that it never felt over crowded. I did not have any personal experiences that night, however the professionalism from everyone involved reconfirmed my desires to join a local team. From a “helping people” perspective, we have had several cases where the evidence really nailed home significant meaning to the client. Anytime we can make that type of connection with people and give them the peace to feel comfortable in their own homes again is really meaningful and comprise the most memorable cases.

What is your dream investigation?
I would love to get a chance to investigate Alcatraz. Such an interesting point in history, and if you believe there is ever a place where real residual or intelligent hauntings are possible, this would be such a place.

What is your favorite method of investigating (i.e. EVP sessions, dowsing rods, etc.)?
EVP sessions are generally the most effective form of obtaining evidence of paranormal activity, but I would say that using your own senses are equally as important. Go into each location with an open mind, assume nothing, and let experiences lead you through an investigation. If you experience nothing, do not give up. Comb through your audio, video, photographs, etc. and you never know what you might find.

Who do you look up to in the paranormal community?
All of the hard working teams out there doing this for zero money with the sole motivation of helping people. There is genuine fear out there, and the best teams are in this for the right reason, helping those in need when they feel there is nowhere else they can turn to.

Dan and a mannequin get chummy at the Port Columbus Civil War Naval Museum.

What is your advice to people who want to get involved in paranormal investigation?
Do your research on local teams. For every one good team out there, there are 100 others who do not take the responsibilities of in home investigation seriously. Find a respectable team and be patient. Look at your own skills and see if there is something you can bring to a team to help strengthen it. If you investigate places such as cemeteries, or other public type places for experience, be sure you have the appropriate permission to be on site, especially when many investigations occur at night.

What do you do outside of investigating (family, hobbies, job, etc.)?
Gadgets! I love electronics of all types. Every time Apple makes an announcement I feel my wallet getting that much lighter.

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