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Paranormal Investigator Profile: Claudia Cirey

Claudia Cirey with VAPIR Paranormal and Past Present Paranormal.

Claudia Cirey is the founder of VAPIR Paranormal and, most recently, the founder of Past Present Paranormal in Las Vegas. With those kinds of credentials, it’s not surprising that Claudia has had some amazing experiences – and she has the pictures to prove it! I was amazed at some of the photos that Claudia sent over. Click on them to see the full size. (The shadow person in the cemetery is especially worth a second look.) Thanks to Claudia for sharing these!

Where do you live?
Recently moved from GA. to Las Vegas NV

To what investigation teams do you belong?
Founder of Vapir Paranormal in Valdosta GA.
Founder of Past Present Paranormal in Las Vegas NV.

Claudia and another investigator walk into a house. The shadow of a woman is between them.
Unexplained shadows on the porch of a house.
A mist over the house adds to the paranormal activity there.

What made you want to be a paranormal investigator?
Unexplained Paranormal Activity in our Home.

When was your first investigation, and what was it like?
My first Investigation was with my Daughter, in a Cemetery in the middle of the Woods. We just walked around asked Questions,  after reviewing the Audio,we looked at each other and asked the same Question. “Who is that Woman talking, and telling us when she died?”

A shadow figure at a cemetery.
Part of an apparition is visible beneath the tree on the far right of this cemetery.

What is your most memorable investigation so far?
I would say, it was a local Cemetery, there was so many Unexplained Activity, I still have no Explanation for all of it.

What is your dream investigation?
To investigate a Castle.

A mist floats over a cemetery.

What is your favorite method of investigating (i.e. EVP sessions, dowsing rods, etc.)?
I like doing EVP Sessions, nothing better then a Class A EVP.

Who do you look up to in the paranormal community?
All the Teams that keep it real, without the Drama.

What is your advice to people who want to get involved in paranormal investigation?
Don’t get into it for the Thrill. Investigations are a lot of Work, Research and take many Hours of Time. Follow the Rules, and never investigate any Location without Permission.

An orb captured with a full spectrum camera.

What do you do outside of investigating (family, hobbies, job, etc.)?
Stay at Home Mom, retired Military Spouse, spending Time outside in my Garden and taking Care of the Household.

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A Trail Cam at Claudia's house captures an odd anomaly...
...that is clearly moving across the room. But what is it?

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