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Charlie Preston on 432 Abercorn

Charlie Preston

Charlie Preston got an incredible photo in July of 2010 after learning about the house on a ghost tour. Here is Charlie’s account of the night:

“We recently did the Sixth Sense tour on Thursday and saw nothing although the house was extremly spooky. We decided to go back alone last night and noticed that the 12 o’clock tour group was already at the Mercer House so we pulled up alongside 432 and took a few pictures. At first my boyfriend took a few, but as I was closest to the house in the car, I rolled the window down and aimed the camera as I was too scared to look!!!! The house seriously gives me the creeps yet I’m so facinated with the story. I took three pictures and zoomed in on one of them and came face to face with the little girl.”

Ghost at 432 Abercorn
The little girl's face is in the bottom middle pane. Charlie thinks the girl seems extremely lonely.

432 Abercorn ghost
A brightened image shows the girl's face clearly.

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