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432 Abercorn Update: Haunted by Vandals

432 Abercorn in June of 2011.

A friend recently pointed out that I haven’t posted anything about 432 Abercorn Street in Savannah lately. There are two reasons for this. One is that I haven’t had any personal accounts to post in recent months.

The second reason is that I hate posting bad news.

Sometime in the late spring or early summer, someone broke one of the beautiful decorative glass windows on the front doors. Why anyone would vandalize the house is beyond me: whatever the stories about it may be, that house is still someone’s property (not to mention an historic structure).

Now, according to my friends who have been to Savannah recently, the front doors are boarded up and heavy drapes have been hung in the front windows to discourage people from looking inside. I can’t argue with the homeowners for taking such a measure: if people were vandalizing my house, I’d take steps to prevent it, too.

The question now is whether reports of paranormal activity at the house will slow. What do you think? Can curtains keep the entities at 432 Abercorn apart from the living?

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  1. coco says:

    Hi Beth~
    Indeed, it’s been an unfortunate incident. Having witnessed the “lock down” of the place ( different lock down, folks ) I have 3 insights; One, the address was taken down. They want to remain anonymous perhaps? Two, my girlfriend reluctantly announced that she was being touched right outside the house on the sidewalk. I believe I made her stand there and take pictures of her raised arm hairs when it was in the dead of the Savannah summer. We were completely wet by the hot sun and humidity. And lastly; the whole square sits on a make-shift burial ground.
    LOVE your postings, and looking forward to reading your latest book!

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