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New Release! Killing to Collect by Juliette Harper

When Madison hires Mattie and Raylene as convention staff for a World War II collectors meeting, the duo stumble onto a corpse on day one.

Felled by a mermaid bookend, appraiser Seaton Hawley came to Miller’s Cove in search of the missing half of a sweetheart necklace. And his spirit won’t rest until it’s found.

The mystery leads straight to the door of local hoarder Ada Tennison. Mattie and Raylene wade in only to find themselves trapped with Ada and her treasures.

Return to Miller’s Cove for Killing to Collect, the fourth Mattie Tucker cozy mystery set in the paranormal, retro town you didn’t know you needed, but will never want to leave.




Killing to Collect by Juliette Harper

Series Mattie Tucker | Genre Adult Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Publisher Skye House Publishing LLC | Publication Date August 20, 2021

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