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Life used to be simple: work during the week, ghost hunting on the weekends. I was always better with ghosts than guys, anyway.

But life gets a lot more complicated when a violent haunting threatens our paranormal investigation team and a sexy stranger who claims to be a demon is the only one who can help.

When someone breaks into my apartment and leaves a warning, I begin to realize that sometimes, the living are a lot more terrifying than ghosts. The problem is, I have no idea if the warning is about the demon Maxwell or a ghost we’re trying to help.

Then someone tries to kill me, and I don’t know if I’m the target of a demon hunter or something worse…

GHOST OF A THREAT, the first novel in the complete Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter series by paranormal romance author Beth Dolgner. 

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The last thing college senior Betty “Boo” Boorman wants to do is spend her New Year’s Eve at a séance in a former brothel. Her best friend Daisy insists it will be fun, and besides, Betty’s entire ghost hunting team will be there. The Savannah Spirit Seekers arrive only to find Betty’s archrival Carter Lansford and a psychic medium who is more interested in putting on a show than helping the spirits. When the medium channels a message from the ghost of a girl in torment, another ghost will do everything it can to keep the truth from being discovered.

GHOST OF A GIRL, a prequel short story set nearly
two years before the first novel in the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter series.

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About the Author

BETH DOLGNER writes paranormal fiction and nonfiction, and she gives presentations about Victorian death and mourning traditions as well as Victorian Spiritualism.

Beth’s debut book was Georgia Spirits and Specters, a collection of Georgia ghost stories. That was followed by Everyday Voodoo, a look at the Voodoo religion and its practitioners.

From there, Beth ventured into fiction with the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series. Beth has also written two young adult novels with paranormal elements, including the steampunk Manifest and the urban fantasy A Talent for Death. Her work has been featured in various anthologies, too. Currently, Beth is writing the Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast paranormal cozy mystery series.

Thanks to her nonfiction work, Beth got to enter the world of ghost hunting, and she was a longtime guide with the Roswell Ghost Tour. Beth also coordinated a ghost tour for Atlanta Bicycle Tours, and she has given many presentations at Atlanta’s Historic Oakland Cemetery.

Currently, Beth, her husband, and their three cats live in a possibly-haunted Victorian bungalow in Tucson, Arizona.

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