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  1. Colin Wright says:

    Hi Beth – It was a pleaseure to meet you at Dragon Con. Thank you for posting the picture of you and I together, the British Air Defence Corps is always at your service.
    One again your craft skills building the mechanical arm (let along the widows trappings) are amazing.
    It may seem a bit odd to disclose this, but I am in reality a widower having lost my wide to cancer in 2008. Small world.

  2. Colin, I’m so glad you found my blog entry! I’ve got your card sitting here, and I was going to email you with a link. My condolences for the loss of your wife. I’m fascinated by Victorian mourning customs, and I volunteer at a historic cemetery where I get to wear a costume for several events. The steampunk widow seemed like a perfect choice for me (though, of course, I’ll skip the mechanical arm for cemetery events). It was wonderful meeting you, and I hope you’ll be back next year!

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