Star Wars Celebration VI

Two years ago, I wrote about attending my first Star Wars Celebration, a con dedicated to my favorite galaxy. When Celebration VI was announced, I knew I had to go. Once again, it was held in the Orange County Convention Center, and once again, I had a fantastic time.

It was a lot of the same people and costumes, but the experience for me was very different this time around. When I went to Celebration V two years ago, I was something like this the entire weekend: “Look, a stormtrooper! There’s another stormtrooper! I’ve never seen so many stormtroopers before! And look at that giant wampa walking toward us! Did you see that Jawa that just ran past? Oh wow, there’s Boba Fett! That’s the most amazing costume ever and IHAVETOHAVEMYPICTURETAKENWITHHIMRIGHTNOW!!!”

Now, my husband Ed will tell you that I’m still like that on occasion. As he says, I have moments where I’m like a kid with sensory overload. However, in the two years since my first Celebration, I have joined two Star Wars costuming organizations: the Republic Service Organization (think WWII-era USO, but dedicated to serving the clone troops of the Galactic Republic) and the 501st Legion, the world’s largest Star Wars costuming group (dedicated to all things Imperial and villainous).

Instead of feeling like a visitor to a surreal world this time, I felt like I was right at home. I was surrounded by my fellow Imperial Officers and joined by ranks of stormtroopers, snow troopers, clones, bounty hunters, Jawas, and other assorted denizens of the Empire. Sure, I still got giddy, but the real excitement of the weekend was meeting other RSO and 501st members and feeling like a part of it all.

Two versions of Admiral Daala! That’s me on the left.

A few highlights:

-While An Evening with Kevin Smith was funny and entertaining, nothing was funnier than the sign-language interpreter having to sign all of Kevin’s swearing and vulgar language. Thankfully, she had a great sense of humor about it.

-Getting a sneak peek of Star Wars Detours, the new cartoon show coming from Seth Green and the Robot Chicken gang. I giggled so much during that panel.

-Once again, visiting with my friends Bruce and Charlotte, and Bonny and Josh (as well as their adorable little daughter). See you guys at the next Celebration!

-Getting autographs on my Fett jersey from Daniel Logan (young Boba in Episode II), Jeremy Bulloch (the original Boba) and Dicky Beer (Boba Fett’s stunt man). All three were so nice!

-Meeting all of the other Imperial Officers during the 501st Legion group photo.


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