On Any Sunday

Attending Georgia Garrison members with author Kevin J. Anderson

I attended my first 501st Legion, Georgia Garrison event this past Sunday. I was there as a member of the Republic Service Organization, a costuming group based on the WWII-era USO. The troops we support? Those that serve the Republic/Empire of the Star Wars Universe!

My Star Wars fandom stretches back to childhood, and since I also love vintage styles, I couldn’t pass up the chance to join the RSO: it blends my love of Star Wars and 1940s pin-up style.

When a ship isn't available, stormtroopers have to take the bus.

The 501st Legion is a Star Wars costuming group dedicated to the Empire (rebels make their home in the Rebel Legion, a sister organization). Both groups do a lot of community work, like marching in parades, visiting kids at children’s hospitals, and supporting local events.

On Sunday, the Georgia Garrison attended a book signing by author Kevin J. Anderson. I was there as a handler, which meant I took a lot of pictures and made sure no children tried to climb up a Clone Trooper. I had never met any of the Garrison members before, but everyone was really welcoming and I had an absolute blast. I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to serve my Star Wars troops!

The Rebel Legion tries to tempt me away from the Dark Side...

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