Destination Wedding

A ghost is on the guest list at this wedding.

Weddings are fun, but wedding guests can be a lot of work. When Emily Buchanan welcomes a bridal party to Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast, she expects a bit of drama. What she gets instead is a houseful of murder suspects after the bride’s ex-boyfriend is found sprawled in the middle of the town square.

When the victim’s ghost begins haunting Eternal Rest, it creates havoc for the bride and her friends. Will undying love disrupt the entire wedding? Emily must team up with her psychic medium best friend, Sage, to solve the case before anyone can say “I do.”

Destination Wedding is a standalone novella in the Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast paranormal cozy mystery series. This seven-book series is about hope, determination, and friendship… and solving murders with the help of ghosts in a small town in North Georgia.

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