Keith on 432 Abercorn

Here are two more interesting photos from 432 Abercorn, both from Keith. What do you think?

The top photo was taken with a Pentax K2000 in the early morning hours of June 20, 2009. The lower picture was taken with a Sony CyberShot during the evening hours of July 26, 2008.  Both tours were with Sixth Sense Savannah.

Each anomaly is circled for easy spotting. Click on the photo for a larger view.

 Look in the bottom right window pane!  I believe there are two other entities visible and I have all of them circled.  One of them may well be her mother which supposedly preceded her in death?  The last one (above the female entity) looks like it may be of an African-American?  All just guesses.   Let me know what you think of these also and you may also post it if you wish.  I think that one was taken with just a little Sony CyberShot.  That one and others are what convinced me to purchase the Pentax.  lol  About the debunked image of the girl, it’s a strange anomaly.  It appears that you can make out individual teeth.

Again, anomalies are circled for easy spotting. Click on the photo for a larger view and let us know what you see!

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  • Erin Flanigan

    Beth, 432 Abercorn seems to be falling into a state of disrepair. Is the owner just going to let it fall to shambles? Truly a shame. Such a pretty home. Creepy…but pretty.

  • Beth Dolgner
    Beth Dolgner

    It is a shame, isn’t it? I hate to see a historic home slowly falling apart. The rumor is that the house is tied up in a trust, which is why it’s unoccupied and unrestored, but I can’t verify that. At any rate, it would be nice to see someone restore the home and breathe some new (positive) life into it.

  • travis

    Been there i have same exact picture of girl in window ut at night

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