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Damion S. on 432 Abercorn

As you will see, I’m playing catch up with reader submissions of their own experiences and photos from 432 Abercorn! This latest comes from Damion S., who has the following to say:

I found your blog by Googling “432 Abercorn” after I paid a visit to the house on a ghost tour in Savannah last weekend. I’ve attached two photos that I took there that night, one of which has truly freaked me out. I thought you might want them for your site.

At first I was disappointed I didn’t see or photograph the girl in the window, whom our tour guide told us numerous tales about. But I guess the house had other things to show me. The first photo (windowdevil) has a red aura on the steps of the house which is highlighting the face of a man in the window behind it. This is one of three photos with a red aura, which I suspected at first was just me capturing someone’s red-eye blink. But the three consecutive images were shot spaced apart inside of a full one-minute window at least, while a red-eye flash is no more than a couple of seconds, if that. The pic I sent you with the evil man’s face is the middle photo of the three red aura photos. The other two are just the red aura.

This is the first anomaly of this type to be sent in to my blog. -BD

More shockingly, the second photo (demon) is a photo of, well…a demon. One of the windows on the ground floor of the house was broken so of course I aimed my phone inside and snapped a couple of pics. I honestly didn’t anticipate getting anything, I just thought I’d get some lame “orbs” or something. Well, the first shot I took gave me nothing, but in the second shot I have undeniably captured a demon. Take a minute to look at the photo and he’ll pop right out once you pick him up. Look for his two yellow eyes, which are sunken in, pronounced cheek bones, and a white set of square teeth. His head is broad at the top and narrows to the chin, and he’s dog-eared. You can also see his neck and shoulders and he appears to be draped in something. (How this demon fits in to the dark legacy of 432 Abercorn, I have no idea, but I’m curious to see what other people’s theories are. Maybe you have one yourself.)

Can you see the anomaly in the photo?

The beings in both photos are easier to make out when the pics are on the smaller scale, enlarging them distorts the images, so try not to view them in a large preview window.

I actually didn’t sleep much on the remaining nights I had in Savannah. In fact, I haven’t slept through a single night without waking up feeling like I’m being watched since then. (That first night I was actually too scared to reach down and pick up the pillows that had fallen on the floor!)

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