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Adam Morehouse on 432 Abercorn

Adam Morehouse submitted a very curious photo, and this is what he writes about it:

“This photo was taken approximately 2 years ago at about 10 pm.  I lived in Savannah and used my Olympus 8.0 megapixel camera to snap two photos, both within milliseconds of each other.  The first revealed nothing, but the second has something I can’t explain.  I love showing this to people and letting them find the picture for themselves; just so I can watch their reaction.  Check out the second floor window on the left, bottom corner.”

The original photo has an anomaly in the window closest to the front door.

You can click on the picture twice to see the full, high-resolution version. I find it interesting that so many odd things appear in that particular window. Here is a close-up of the window, with the anomaly in the lower left pane:

The lower left pane shows an anomaly that wasn’t in Adam’s first photo.
A brightened photo reveals more detail.

To make things even more curious, this anomaly looks strikingly similar to the little girl’s face captured by Charlie Preston.

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Beth Dolgner

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