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Jana Springer on 432 Abercorn

The window closest to the front door of the house at 432 Abercorn seems to be a hot spot when it comes to paranormal photography. Jana Springer from Champaign, Illinois, writes this about her experience:

“I’ve been doing some digging on 432 Abercorn and came across your blog.  My husband and I visited Savannah for the 1st time in June of 2007.  We took the “Scary Movie” Tour and came across 432.  I instantly became very curious about the house.  Was never really able to find out anything about it except for what our tour guide “Hollywood Ron” told us on the tour.  Not much was available at the time about the house on the internet.

My family and I were back in Savannah this past July.  While there, I wanted to drive my 12 year old daughter by the house just to see what her reaction would be.  I never said a word to her about the house before.  As we approached the house by car, my daughter said that she had “the willies” just looking at the house.  Now, this was during the daytime.  She didn’t want to park and approach the house at all.  She just said that the house was just really giving her the creeps.  So, as we drove along side the house, she decided to snap a quick picture.

About a week later, after we got back home from vacation, my daughter was downloading the pictures that she took.  She was looking at the picture that she took of 432 and gasped.  I asked her what was wrong.  She focused in on the window on the main floor right above the stairs closest to the front door.  What we saw startled us both.

The lower portion (first 6 panes on the bottom) in the upper left you can see a face.  Directly across in the upper right you can see what looks like a hand and the lower arm to the elbow.  Needless to say, we were both spooked!”

Can you see the face and hand that Jana and her daughter spotted? Leave your comments and let us know!

This is the photo that shows an anomaly in the window closest to the front door.
This close-up shows what looks like a face in the upper left pane, and a hand in the upper right pane.

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