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Terri Grimes on 432 Abercorn

Terri Grimes

Paranormal romance author Terri Grimes and her sister-in-law visited Savannah during Memorial Day Weekend in 2010. Teri loves visiting haunted locations to get inspiration for her books, such as Morons Guide to Waking Up Dead and Shake, Rattle and Haunt. She was amazed at how evil the house at 432 Abercorn felt, and she had some very interesting experiences and pictures to share.

Terri and here sister-in-law were brave enough to stick their arms inside the mail slot on the front door to take pictures of the house’s interior. Here’s what Terri says about that experience:

“My sister and law and I took turns taking our digital cameras and sticking them through the mail slot and taking pictures. Each picture we tried to snap, sparks would fly and the camera made a popping sound like you were repeatedly popping bubble wrap. It was like there was an overwhelming amount of electricity in the air. Literally we saw sparks when the popping sounds happened. Not surprising since you can actually feel the energy when you are a few feet away from the house. There is no electricity in the house at all. I get that. But when you stick your hand in through the mail slot you feel a blast of the coldest AC air you’ve ever felt. You actually feel a strong breeze of it on your arm and hand. And it’s so cold! And the hairs on your arm stick straight up and have an electric charge feeling like you ran a balloon over carpet and then ran it across your arm. I can’t get over it. I tell you, I’ve never felt such a thing in my life. I’ve been to a lot of haunted locations. I’ve even been touched by spirits but never have I ever felt such a strong energy, not even in Waverly Hills. It scares me because now I want to go back to that house so bad and walk through it, investigate it, take my digital voice recorder and look through every nook and cranny. It’s apparent that house gets under your skin and that really scares me. It would be all too easy for it to suck you in.”

The picture that Terri’s sister-in-law snapped while holding her camera through the mail slot defies description. What do you think caused this phenomena?

The camera was completely inside the house. What surrounds the image?

Another picture Terri took shows what looks like glowing eyes in a downstairs window. Is that a head with long hair materializing around the eyes?

Click for the full-size photo. Can you see the eyes?

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