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2009: The Fun Stuff

The economy finally caught up with me this year. On January 1, 2009, I had a full roster of clients and was slated to have a great year in terms on income. By February 1, cutbacks by clients had me wondering how I’d ever pay my bills. But I survived the year, and, in all other respects, 2009 was great. Here are a few highlights:

My first book was published: I finally became a published author in the spring of 2009 with the publication of “Georgia Spirits and Specters.” I still get excited when I go into a bookstore and see my book on the shelf.

DragonCon Thriller: This was my second year at DragonCon, and it was better than the first. I was there all four days, but Sunday was especially memorable because of an attempt to break the Guinness World’s Record for the most people dancing to Thriller. I was an instructor, and after four exhausting hours of rehearsals we had over 900 people dancing. We didn’t get the record, but teaching Stormtroopers, pirates, Aliens and other assorted creatures is a singular experience.

Yes, that’s the Flying Spaghetti Monster behind me.

Denmark: The perk of Ed’s often insane travel schedule is that sometimes I get to tag along. At the end of his “tour of Europe” in the fall, I met him in Copenhagen for a quick vacation. I already wrote about the trip, and it was typical of our vacations: good timing, interesting chance encounters and a lot of fun.

A cute camel at the Copenhagen zoo. I swear he was watching me.

Two Girls’ Weekends: One Girls’ Weekend in a calendar year is a perk, but two is even better. In January, we went to California, where we invaded Hollywood and Disneyland. In October, we met up in Savannah for some Halloween fun. Whether I’m meeting Mickey Mouse or dressed up as Manslaughter Munchkin, I always have fun with Mom, Aunt Bonnie and Elyse.

Mom, Aunt Bonnie, Mickey, Me, Elyse

I met my favorite hockey player: In April, we went to practice for the Atlanta Thrashers for the first time. I took my great big Slater banner with me, and had Jim Slater sign it. Ed and our friend Rusty had to practically (okay, literally) push me over to him when the players came off the ice. What a terrible time for shyness to strike! Fortunately, I got the autograph on my banner, and Jimmy was super nice. He took the time to ask how I’d made the banner, and told me he expected to see it waving at the games. Between the last few games of the 08-09 season and this year, he’s definitely seen it waving.

Slater (#23) at warm-ups for the Thrashers season opener
How could you NOT see this waving?

My sewing skills improved: I started sewing a little over a year ago, so improvement was inevitable. I gravitate toward costumes, even though I don’t get much chance to wear them. I’m very pleased with the fairy and princess costumes I made for Rusty’s daughters to wear to the Georgia Renaissance Festival, and I can’t wait to debut my Italian Renaissance dress at the 2010 Ren Fest.

My Italian Renaissance dress in progress.

So what will 2010 bring? More DragonCon, more traveling, more Girls’ Weekends, more hockey and more costumes, to be sure. Happy New Year, and here’s to a fun and adventurous 2010!

Beth Dolgner

Beth Dolgner is a freelance writer and editor whose work encompasses everything from motorcycles to ghost stories. She is a devoted Boba Fett fan and a member of the 501st Legion.

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