Denmark, Vikings, Reindeer and Lunch in Sweden

Ed and I recently returned from a brief but fun vacation in Copenhagen. A few highlights of the trip:

On the day we arrived, we took a short train ride over (and under) the sound to Malmo, Sweden. We window-shopped and had lunch there.

Malmo, Sweden

We got to pet this reindeer at the Copenhagen zoo. It was like petting a dog, only a lot more dangerous because when a dog rubs his face against your hand, you don’t have to dodge huge antlers that could stab you in the eye.

Sunday was busy, and included the Danish Resistance Museum (about Danes who fought against Nazi occupation during WWII), Rosenborg Castle and the Danish Armory. We also had the privilege of seeing Danish WWII vets laying a wreath at a Churchill monument.

Wreath-laying ceremony, Copenhagen
Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Our last day in Denmark was my favorite. We took the train to Roskilde, a Medieval town on a fjord, to visit the Viking Museum. The museum features five Vikings ships that were sunk in the 800s. They were excavated, preserved, and pieced together. After that, we reboarded the train and went to the little coastal town of Helsingor, which also had a lovely Medieval district. The real reason we were there was for Kronborg Castle. Started in the 1400s, the castle is where Shakespeare set “Hamlet.” The castle was closed the day we were there, but we got to walk around the courtyard inside the castle walls. We had the place to ourselves, and it was amazing and eerie all at the same time.

Viking Museum, Roskilde, Denmark
Kronburg Castle. No one there but us and the ghost of Hamlet’s father.
Kronborg Castle, Helsingor, Denmark

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